TSRP map Mecklenburg and MecklenburgV

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Mecklenburg Source Files

Here is the location for most of the mecklenburg source files. I was also going to include the photoshop files I made to make the textures on the map, but I'll leave those out to save some space on my server for now. You can find the source .map and vmfs inside of source/maps and instructions on how to build mecklenburg inside of the build directory.

Source Files Included

  • Mecklenburg.rmf : I want to say that this is the closest rmf to the original version of Mecklenburg_final that I have.
  • Mecklenburg_V.rmf : This was me starting to edit the map from what I remember
  • MecklenburgV5A6.rmf : Most popular version of the map. I think Zackcity paid me to do the modifications like 10 years ago.
  • MecklenburgV_B4F : Version before V5. We had a crazy idea to remove all of the models in the map and this was a snapshot before I did that
  • MecklenburgV_Snow : Iteration of the map with a lot of snow, first map made specifically for TS3. Was made when HWRP and X-Factor merged servers.
  • MecklenburgV_Final : Final iteration of the map I made in 2010. I actually had a good computer then so I was able to actually do the lights. Has a script and complete day/night cycle + rain. Really I'd say this is the best version of the map.

Need Help

Hit me up on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Funjob/

Last Words

Thanks to everyone that made this map possible: HWRP community (no way I would of continued mapping without their support), Rickl3r (original author of Mecklenburg), Kilroy Higgins, Steven|af|, and the rest of the TSRP community

I really had such a great time back then making these maps and having fun with all of my buds.