TSRP Map Cerberus

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A neat little role-play idea I had of a space ship. It never really worked out because you can't have mafia in space. I think we had a lot of fun on this map in larger scenarios, but the problem was that I could never generate the content fast enough. The plan was that every few months or so, we'd have a new map where the ship would dock and the crew was allowed to role-play on the surface. In reality, I just never had enough time or ideas to keep it going. We all just ended up on the ship and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Source Files

  • htp_cerba11.map This was an internal test version of the map before b1.
  • hrp_cerb_b1.map I want to say that this was the first released version of the map. Wasn't so popular
  • Cerberus_V2.map Redid parts of the map, still not very popular
  • Cerberus_v3.map I want to say itsalati actually made this. It really inspired me to clean up for V4
  • Cerberus_v4.map final version of the map. Redid most of the textures and fix a lot of bugs. Honestly, I think this was my favorite map in the end besides maybe meckv_final.


I included some of the build files as well as the application I used to build it. You'll need to edit the configs to work for your environment.